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Aaron Davis
Creative + Educator

Super Suits
William's Robot Shirt

The Move2Learn Lab's mission is to improve the life experience for people with a variety of physical abilities. They aim to achieve this by bringing together the people whose have needs to be met and creative people across disciplines who work together to design and test interventions and technologies.

William was born with arthrogryposis, congenital joint contractures and weakness that limit his movement. Michele Lobo and the Super Suits Program are creating a user-controlled, air-filled, exoskeletal garment specially designed to improve his mobility.

This video was to help illustrate to donors and the community at large the impact that this small niche — mobility clothing for children — has on individuals who face daily challenges that the clothing industry as an entity does not readily address

This video also helps to demonstrates the interdisciplinary work that occurs in the Move2Learn Lab with the combination of engineering, healthcare and fashion.

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