Aaron Davis Creative + Educator
Aaron Davis
Creative + Educator

Executive Position Paper
Improving multimedia foundations:
Design of a micro-syllabus for integrating multimedia
modules into college courses at the University of Delaware

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My executive position paper is the culmination of both my Master's and Doctorate degrees at the University of Delaware. The inception of this project stemmed from an observation that students entering higher education, seemed to be ill-equipped to create media projects ranging from interactive PowerPoints, digital storytelling, and other visual narratives.

The goal of this project was to identify what foundational skill-sets were needed, and what best practices could be applied either in a stand-alone course or within an existing course to assist students in the creation of multimedia projects.

This research would further help both my own projects, as well as inform the Online Learning Assessment when I worked at Hostos Community College.

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With a decade's worth of experience in both design and education, I offer a wide range of creative media skills as well as an educational-technology framework to understand how audience both theoretically and practically react to media.

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