Aaron Davis Creative + Educator
Aaron Davis
Creative + Educator

Mixed Media

As an artist, my original background is in sculpture. As I developed a voice through 3D works, I tried to take scenarios in my life and create spaces that invite the viewer to interact with it.

Through this invitation I like to play with the viewers senses to create whatever feeling I try to convey.

With Drama I worked towards having multiple auditory feeds along with the tactile feeling of water to invoke a feeling of stress that comes from the daily drama in our lives.

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With a decade's worth of experience in both design and education, I offer a wide range of creative media skills as well as an educational-technology framework to understand how audience both theoretically and practically react to media.

Whether you're looking for a photographer, designer, videographer; instructor, educator or instructional designer; web developer, IxD designer; or even a sculptor — my services are at your disposal. More about me >