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Aaron Davis
Creative + Educator

Cool Tool Corner
August 2015 - April 2016

Cool Tool Corner was a seasonal, weekly web show that showcased various educational technology "Cool Tools." While initially conceived as an experiment into the production of a weekly web series, The format became difficult to manage with other projects.

Prior to this project I had shot mostly video montages which relied mostly on being able to shoot an event. As creator, producer and talent, the show required research into various EdTech tools, composing the script, Finding time to shoot with my co-host (at the time we were living a 3 hour drive a part). As well as post production editing and graphics.

While this proved to be an extremely time enduring project, there was excitement for expanding from simply highlighting EdTech tools, into expanding the Cool Tool Corner brand to history, news, how-to's and shorter tip videos. This idea evolved into Cool Tool History, Cool Tool News, Cool Tool 5P's, and Cool Tool Quick Tips Respectively.

Together these shows explored the world of educational technology and also helped me develop a style and process for educational video series.

Debut of Season 2 and introduction of new shows

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