Aaron Davis Creative + Educator
Aaron Davis
Creative + Educator

Cheer #HYPE
Pump Up Montage Videos

As a videographer, the majority of my work has revolved around the University of Delaware Spirit Program. As a distinguished alumni, I have continued to work with the program in many facets including video. With events taking place across the year, there is never a shortage of interesting, dynamic shots that lead to inspiring the team before the compete in the winter

I work with movement and an understanding of the intricacies of what the athletes do with their bodies to showcase skill, and execution while editing to create both fun and determination.

My work with cheer video has also given me the opportunity to work with gyms like Next Level Training, and FloCheer

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With a decade's worth of experience in both design and education, I offer a wide range of creative media skills as well as an educational-technology framework to understand how audience both theoretically and practically react to media.

Whether you're looking for a photographer, designer, videographer; instructor, educator or instructional designer; web developer, IxD designer; or even a sculptor — my services are at your disposal. More about me >